Contribution and Charity

Philanthropic efforts & activities
For the past two years, free meals are offered every week to approximately 250 needy people around us. Thus, meals are offered every Monday and Thursday, freshly cooked in the kitchen of our church. Approximately 130 servings are offered each time. That is, approximately 1000 servings per month are served. Participants include Greeks and foreigners.Once a week, free medical services are also provided.
Offering of basic necessities
We supply a number of families with basic food supply every month. The package offered includes: oil, flour, evaporated milk, sugar, coffee, legumes, and canned pasta. This effort, at this stage, is aimed at people who mainly live in Koukaki, and is performed exclusively by volunteers who offer their time, effort and donations.
Community center
The Church operates a multi-purpose Community Center. The ground floor, called “Sfina” is used almost daily for the weekly meetings of teenagers and young people of the Church, and also serves as a youth space for many neighborhood children who come once a week for games and also hearing a brief Bible lesson. In the basement, “Steki” operates also as a multi-purpose space for philanthropic efforts. Specifically, two afternoons a week – usually Tuesdays and Fridays – the Steki runs as a fellowship place and reading room for all. Also, free clothes are distributed, as well as the possibility for showers and laundry provided.
Children’s courses
Moreover, members of our Church community offer tutoring to neighborhood children, ranging from English to Greek lessons and even high-school academics.
Women’s courses
The ground floor (Sfina) houses training courses for women that are both immigrants and Greeks, as well as both members and non-members of the Church. The program is supported exclusively by women, and addressed to women. Free courses in Greek, English, and basic computer knowledge are offered at several days and times.
Community service
In addition to these ministries, the Second Evangelical Church regularly does voluntary clean-ups of the streets in Koukaki, but also in other places. Once a year we also organize games for elementary school- children at the local playground.